Flip Dish Home Sweet Home Electric Warmer

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Flip Dish Home Sweet Home Electric Warmer

Flip Dish Home Sweet Home Electric Warmer-Flip Dish Home Sweet Home Electric Warmer-

This is my all time favorite type of warmer because it heats with a warmer plate, which heats more evenly than a light bulb or a tea light candle! And also it comes with it's own silicone wax liner! The best invention to hit the market for all of us that love to use warmers to fragrance our surroundings and want an easy way to change scents with no mess or fuss or sticking the lid in the freezer! Read more to see why it's my favorite!

Home fragrance that pops! Literally! Make home fragrance a breeze with our Flip Dish Wax Warmer. The flexible silicone dish easily pops out cooled wax, so switching fragrance is a breeze! No more messing with hot wax or scraping cold wax out of a hard dish. This will make you one happy wax user! Uses a warmer plate instead of a bulb. Indicator light on the back lets you know when it is on or off. The 3ft cord has a simple on/off switch. Electric warmer melts wax without flame or smoke.

Quickly melt wax and quickly remove wax once cooled.

  • DESIGN: The eggshell white finish features a "Home Sweet Home" sentiment in black with a coordinating black silicone dish.
  • USE: The silicone dish sits on a metal warming plate. The dish allows for simple, easy removal of cooled fragrance wax by simply popping it out! No need for a wax liner. The 3 ft cord features an easy on/off dial switch.
  • EASY HOME FRAGRANCE: Forget changing bulbs or struggling to get your wax out of ceramic dishes. This warmer never needs a bulb change. It heats the wax using a warming plate! The silicone dish cools quickly for safer handling. Once wax is completely cooled, it can be popped out of the silicone with ease!
  • PERFECTLY SIZED: The warmer is 5" tall and 3.5" in diameter. Features a 3 ft black power cord with 2 prong plug for US outlets. Power specs-120V, 60Hz, 24W.
  • USE WITH: Simmering granules, scent drops or wax melts.
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