The Scent Peddler

Light Lavender Scent Drops

Light Lavender Scent Drops-

Scented like a fresh, peaceful lavender field!

I'm not usually a Lavender Scent person buy I fell in love with these light Lavender Scented Wax Drops.

The scent throw is not overpowering yet sends a soft fragrance scent!

  We include a free wax warmer liner so you can change your scent with no mess and they are reusable. When all of the scent is gone and the wax has become solid, pop the wax out of the liner and add more. No more having to freeze the wax or have any mess.

Scents can vary as to their strength and you can adjust that by the amount you put in. Always start with a little and add to it if need be.  Use a little or a lot. The only rule is never add so many Scent Drops that when melted they overflow your wax liner.

Scented Soy Drops are sold  in 2 ounce and 4 ounce size.

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