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The Scent Peddler Scented Simmering Granules

I added something new to my "things I love" pile tonight, and I have to admit it was something I thought I was going to hate. I received a sample of Scented Simmering Granules from The Scent Peddler, and at first I thought they were going to be really messy. The fact is, they're not messy at all.

These go in your tart burner, but they're not wax. These are natural sea salt granules. You place a teaspoon in your burner for normal scent throw, or more for a stronger scent. I placed about a teaspoon's worth in my burner and waited to see what happened. Almost immediately I was hit by the wonderful scent of Japanese Magnolia. Hubby came home hours after I had put out the tart burner and asked what smelled so good.

Like I said these simmering granules aren't messy at all. They don't melt! That means there's no messy wax to remove from the burner. You don't have to take the time to heat up the old tart to remove it from the burner before you can use another one, and that a big thumbs up from me. I hate having to clean my burner thoroughly just because I'm ready for a new scent. With the granules you just dump them in the trash!

Also you don't have to add water to them, and these guys never burn dry, so you don't have to worry like you do with tarts. I will definitely be purchasing more of these granules!


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