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Simmering Granules Info

How to use Simmering Granules

For the best scent throw: Start with 1-2 teaspoon of granules in your warmer. If you feel you want a stronger scent add a little more. However when you add too much, the granules are not going to heat properly. Soon you will find the right amount that works for you and your surroundings whether it’s a house, an apartment, camper, dorm room, office or just your space. Also remember that an electric warmer works faster with heat than a candle. When the scented granules turn white, it’s time to replace them.

Your purchase will include an instruction card, a free scoop and a free sample scent!

Pro’s to Simmering Granules

  • They are less messy to use – no risk of oil spillage.
  • No waiting for them to melt – they are strong after only a minute or so.
  • A couple of teaspoons in your wax burners can last awhile – great value for money.
  • Simmering granules are safe, clean and simple to use. Do Not Add Water!
  • Natural salt based crystals and are environmentally friendly
  • They are biodegradable. 
  • These are not bath salts or beads, these are special salts that are fragranced and colored .

What is the difference between simmering granules, scent drops  and wax melts?

While wax melts release fragrance over time into your home,  these granules really pack a punch, they give off a much more intense scent at the expense of lasting slightly less time. These are NOT wax beads. They are sea salts that have been scented and colored.

They are also easy to change - when the scent starts to fade tip the granules away into the trash bin and refill your burner. Scent Drops and Wax Melts are made with candle wax and we suggest you use a wax warmer liner when using any type of scented wax because they provide the easiest clean up and easiest way to change your scent.

One pouch envelope  of scented simmering granules will last quite a while if you use 2 teaspoons a week. However, use as much or as little as you want. You can regulate the quantity of fragrance and how mild or strong you would like the scent, for a powerful smell you just add more simmering granules to the well of your burner.

 I use mine daily and just change them every week when I want to try a new scent!

*VERY IMPORTANT …Just like you shut off the lights and lock your doors when you leave your home, make sure your warmer(s) are off. It’s a safety factor. Just turn them back on when you come home!

Also, as a safety precaution, make sure your scent bag of simmering scents is zip locked closed after every use to keep out of reach of children and pets.