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Reed Diffuser Info

Reed Diffuser Information

Reed diffusers can be used in many places, including areas where other home scent products can’t be used. They are an increasingly popular way to gently scent and freshen any room in your home, apartment, condo, dorm room, camper and even your office!

I have one in just about every room! Living room, bedroom, bathroom and even the enclosed porch!

 Our reed diffusers have been formulated to be long lasting (6-months) and to contain high levels of fragrance for maximum scented ambiance. 

Reed diffusers fill the area of 50-300 sq. ft. with pleasant scent. The fragrance lasts for 2-6 months depending on volume and maintenance.

Our reed diffuser uses natural rattan sticks to delicately diffuse fresh and clean, floral, sweet, relaxing, reviving fragrances, bringing the beauty of nature into your home through an elegant design diffuser bottle.

 They consist of a decorative jar, reeds, and scented oil. Reed diffusers are safer and healthier than many types of scented products because quite simply, they do not make use of flame. This is not only safer, as it means that reed diffusers do not pose a fire risk. Unlike products involving open flame, diffusers do not produce soot and other toxins.  Reed diffusers are very simple to use because once you place the reeds in the diffuser, you can forget about it. Every once in a  while you can refresh the scent by turning the reeds over, but essentially diffusers work on their own, filling your home with a wonderful scent.

They are a generally safe and long-lasting method of scenting the air without resorting to the open flame, hot wax, chemicals or electricity required by different commercial air fresheners.

Surround yourself with a scent refresh!