The Scent Peddler

Free Wax Warmer Liner


We send one FREE wax warmer liner with every order of our Scented Wax Drops!

 The new no mess way to enjoy your scent drops and wax tarts!

An absolute must have for everyone using warmers!

Reusable and leakproof, the wax tray liner is designed with a protective coating, so there is no leaking on your wax burner or melter. Just place the liner on your warmer, add your scents and enjoy. Once the warmer is off and the wax hardens, clean up is easy. Just pop it out of the liner and start again as they are re-usable.

Change your fragrance with ease. Rest the liner on top of your burner and pop in your wax melt. When you want to switch fragrance simply change the liner. Super easy, no mess. Lined with a protective coating, they are leakproof, reusable and recyclable.

When using simmering granules to scent you don't need a wax warmer liner as there is no mess when it is time to change the scent.

Perfect to use with our Scent Drops or any wax melts. No need to use with the seal salt granules as they are already no mess clean up.

As you can see from the above picture, the wax warmer liners work and fit best when your warmer has a wide well.