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Animalistic Instincts Scent Reed Diffuser

Animalistic Instincts Scent Reed Diffuser-

This sexy and masculine fragrance oil is an intoxicating scent that has clean citrus notes of orange and lemon with spicy notes of clove, anise, pepper, and rose. Notes of vanilla, leather, balsam, and warm musks lead to an unforgettable finish.

Best Seller with our male customers!

Reed diffusers are an increasingly popular way to gently scent and freshen any room in your home, apartment, condo, even your office!

They are a generally safe and long-lasting method of scenting the air without resorting to the open flame, hot wax, chemicals or electricity required by different commercial air fresheners.

I have one in just about every room! Living room, bedroom, bathroom and even the enclosed porch!

A combination of scents from warmers and reed diffusers will be the perfect way to scent your home! And they make great gifts!

Choose your color bottle: Black, Red, Blue Purple

Surround yourself with a scent refresh!